The extent of the village of Pont l'Evêque is strictly limited by natural and man-made barriers: the river Oise, the Canal du Nord, the Paris-Brussels railway lines and a marsh classified as non-constructible. The project has 3 sites: the Church Quarter - 36 mixed timber/brick residences; the Quai des Bateleirs – 22 residences define a connecting street; Select Bar – 12 town houses creating a transition from the village centre café and recent developments. The principle of these three developments is to unify the existing constructed landscape of the village through varied but coherent architectural choices. The result is the creation of new pedestrian routes, and the reintegration of the church (which is distant from the centre). Restructuring of the village through land regrouping, management of ongoing renewal plans, the creation of 70 homes on three key sites to reunite and revitalize the community, and define new village boundaries.


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SAHLM Picardie Habitat
3,7 M€
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Vincent Brossy

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