Vincent Brossy



1979 : DPLG architecture diploma - Atelier Schweitzer - UP7
1980 : DEA of Urbanisme et Aménagement du Territoire - CNAM


1981-1993 : Teaching at the Paris Tolbiac School of Architecture
1989-1994 : Architect Consulting of the Direction des Musées de France
1993-1998 : Responsible of an architect workshop - Ecole of Architecture Paris Tolbiac
Since 1998 : Teaching architecture at the Paris-La Villette School of Architecture
Since 2003 : Council of state Architect


1983 The agency has started with the idea to construct simple buildings to control the thought process and to catch constraints linked to reality. That means research and work on architectural themes instead of only producing spaces.

1993 This preliminary period dedicated to competitions also represents the step of the agency development.

2003 30 years spent working on competition projects and construction sites have reinforced our working methods with our partners, our commitment into project issues, the belief of a multidisciplinary shared conception.