Building spaces is our passion. It is a commitment to bring a clear vision in response to complex requirements. For us, that means total immersion in the context, a deep understanding of needs. Rethinking the paradigms of a programme, along with total commitment to the project, are the core of our approach.

Since 1983, the agency has approached each project with a unique and creative attitude. Each new inquiry becomes a defining theme. In answer, we develop original solutions that unite the architect's creative discipline with the practical demands of urban development Through our long experience of every type of project that arises in the urban environment, we have developed our own approach to urban and regional development.

Although our approach is always evolving, we hold fast to core principles: to discover and assure the strongest balance between function and usage, between space and location; to create the ideal conditions for people using our creations, whether as a place to live, a place to work, to shop, for education, culture or entertainment.

To be a part of the location: any project has its roots in its location and finds its spirit in its surroundings. The sights, the sounds; the natural flow guides the relationship between architecture and its location.

Space in which to build: the realization of a structure is a coherent process of thought within the space. The completion is in the details; site and construction are the outcome of this deliberation.

When we work to repurpose existing structures, modest or prestigious, it is an act of faith: the city is built upon the city; it is its own foundation. Buildings preserve meaning, and acquire new meaning, as they are adapted to new uses without which architectural heritage would fade away.

The platform from which we develop our concepts is a profound understanding of what makes a city work.
Architecture is a continuum of unending renewal where the architect must know how to position himself. A sense of the long term is essential.

Since the agency was founded, we have prioritized the environment, energy efficiency, and the landscape. Every new project is an opportunity for us to make a contribution as responsible citizens. Our passion for spaces, for the project, for the construction translates into action, into advice, into education. We take every opportunity to communicate our conviction, our ideals, to those that we train or advise.

This attitude means we must always be ready to listen, be open and available; this is a characterizing commitment that permeates every aspect of our work.

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The agency has a programme of continuous renewal for its IT facilities to ensure maximum compatibility with all common standards for graphics exchange, image processing and communications.

In addition to common office software, graphical work is done using ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, Photoshop, Artlantis and 3DX.

The office network enables real-time collaboration on documents and plans, archive storage and back-ups, and quality assurance.

All documentation is stored in commonly compatible file formats for exchange with all our collaborators, vendors and clients.