09 08 2012

Hélios - Oran (Algeria)

The site of a new district has been opened, extending the development of Oran's university and sporting zones: housing, retail, hotels and business/industrial estate.

The challenge is to create a new, sustainable urban environment – which will be the basis for future construction. Overall management of implementation is also required. For more information: http://www.heliosalgerie.com
Hélios - Oran (Algeria)
11 01 2012

Massy – Place Atlantique

Proposal for a high-rise residential block in a pre-existing activity zone. An architectural totem within the overall development plan of Ch. Devillers.

The contract was not awarded, however there was a valuable design workshop challenge: to arrange corner apartments so that their relationship with the exterior was well balanced, in relation to the view, height and elevation.
Place du Grand Ouest