26 07 2013

Théâtre National de Chaillot - Paris 16°

Opposite the Eiffel Tower, preparatory works begin during the theatre's summer break.

Soon, proposals will be solicited to begin this ambitious transformation of the 1936 building by Carlu and Azema. The core of the project is a new 400-seat venue, and complete redevelopment of the stage space and machinery.
Théâtre National de Chaillot
25 07 2013

La Cour des Noues - Paris 20

Once a construction permit is delivered

this exercise in high densification of a narrow lot will enter the planning stage. We will be able to study the implementation of high density in an example of the extremes of space restriction in Paris, using striking apartment design combining duplex, mezzanine and single level, with three different orientations per level.
Cour des Noues
24 06 2013

MC93 - Bobigny

Consultation for the renovation of this impressive theatre, designed by Valentin Fabre and Jean Perrottet.

This is expected to be an exciting project, requiring an imaginative solution for the future evolution of theatrical spaces and technical facilities that were at the cutting edge of the performing arts when they were originally built.
20 06 2013

ZAC Boucicaut - Paris 15°

After winning the competition to construct 60 residences (lot H), we have started works to prepare the access tunnels for the lot at the centre of the zone, at the edge of the gardens.

These underground roads mean that the zone is entirely pedestrian. Partners : Pitch Promotion and Crédit Agricole Immobilier (MO), SAS Mizrahi (BE TCE and accountant), CSD Ingénieurs (environmental engineering), P. Chemetov (overal plan and landscaping), Daufresne - Le Garrec (lot G) , Ameller Dubois (lot E), La SemPariseine (developer)
Boucicaut zone
27 03 2013

Palais de Justice - Poitiers

Competitive tender won

for this program bringing together criminal and civil courts, commercial, appeals and ombudsmen. This project extends the old Les Feuillants school, at the edge of the historic city centre.
Courthouse, Poitiers
11 03 2013

Lisière Péreire - Saint Germain

Contract awarded!

Partners: Sodéarif, Ville de Saint-Germain-en-Laye, J. Ferrier (plan d'ensemble)
Hotel and mall - Lisière Péreire
15 02 2013

Kristel - Algeria

A new neighbourhood for Oran, on the Montagne des Lions with [B2A]

housing, commercial activities and a hotel on the Mediterranean.
10 01 2013

Official Civil Architect

Vincent BROSSY has been appointed official Civil Architect to the Lot region

12 12 2012

Comédie Française

View of the construction cover over the Richelieu auditorium, seen from the gardens of the Palais Royal.

Comédie Française – dome refit
30 08 2012

Théâtre National de Chaillot - Paris 16°

Consultation to convert the Firmin Gémier auditorium and bring the theatre's spaces in line with regulations.

Théâtre National de Chaillot